Kirtland Amplifiers

I have been playing guitar for about five years.  I’ve been an electronics technician for nearly 30 years.  I’ve decided to mix my love of music and electronics and build my own amplifiers. 

I work primarily with surface mount electronics under high magnification at work.  Building tube (valve) amplifiers is truly a relaxing pastime.   You will note that a couple of prototypes utilize a bread tin for the chassis.

The Sonic MA1 and All American Four are based on designs from the book, “Building Vacuum Tube Guitar & Bass Amplifiers, Volume 1” by Tino Zottola.

Sonic MA1

The sonic MA1 is a 1950’s design utilizing a 12AX7 preamp and a 50L6 power stage.  This amplifier also utilizes a solid state rectifier and an isolation power transformer for safety.  Undistorted power output is about 3 watts. 

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